Ivy’s Music Studio    



I love music, and I love to teach!  It is my belief that anyone can learn to be a musician if they work hard enough.  I believe music is a very important part of human development.  Music teaches discipline, hard work, and love.  Studies show that a child who studies music tests higher in math and English and has better behavior.  I believe the reason for this is because benefits of music study can be transferred to all other aspects of learning.  I hope that through our time together we will build a trusting relationship, and that all of your goals and dreams, as well as mine, will be met.

Private Lesson Format

Students will learn musicianship, theory, sight-reading, ear training, and repertoire.  Piano students will learn The Well Prepared Pianist Repertoire.  Much of each lesson will be devoted to these finger exercises, theory and repertoire.  Students are also required to work towards performing this music on a House Concert. Please arrive to lessons promptly on time—the time that you are late will not be made up at the end of the lesson.  Parents are encouraged to stay and listen to their child’s lesson.  This speeds learning, and helps facilitate proper practice at home.  In my experience both as a student when my mother accompanied me to lessons, and as a teacher, students who have a parent accompany them even one time each month to lessons learn faster, and become a better all around pianist.  It also helps the student accomplish better practice at home.

Please, no chewing gum or candy at lessons.


Tuition price does not vary for 3 week or 5 week months.  Tuition is not credited or deducted for absences.  You are paying for the lesson spot, which includes time spent at my home.  It is up to the student and parent to contact me if there will be an absence.  If the student cannot swap times with another student, a make-up lesson may be scheduled.

Tuition is due by the second week of the month unless other arrangements are made.  Please do not pay for lessons by the week.

Registration Fee

There is a $12 registration fee due per student each year.  All registration fees need to be paid by February or earlier.  Multiple students in a family can spread this fee between two months.  This fee covers renting of the recital hall, music purchased for group lessons, solo music, copies, and any music lost or damaged that I must replace. This fee cuts down on the amount of music that you must to buy.

Missed and Make-up lessons

Tuition will only be refunded for a missed lesson in an extreme emergency.  If you are not able to attend your regular lesson time you are expected to trade lesson times with another student.  A swap list will be given to you with names, phone numbers, and lesson times of other students.  If you swap lessons, please try to swap lessons with the corresponding lesson duration.   If you are unable to swap lessons, no refund for lesson missed will be given.  If for some reason I must cancel a lesson, credit will be given toward the next month’s tuition, or a make-up lesson will be given.  It is up to the parents and student to work towards scheduling a makeup lesson if they miss a lesson.  Best time for make-up lessons is during group lesson week.  It is up to the parent or student to call and schedule this make up lesson.


Please do not bring your child to lessons if they are too sick to go to school.   If a student comes to lessons sick I will ask them to leave.  I will ALWAYS schedule a makeup lesson because of sickness.

Practice Requirements

Students are expected to practice 5 days a week; 6 days are preferred.  Beginning students should practice each piece a minimum of 5 times correctly—or 20-30 minutes, working on things specified by the teacher in their notebook.  Intermediate students practice minimum is 30-45 minutes.  Advanced students should practice 1 hour plus.  Amount of time required per day will be discussed between the student and instructor.  After practice goal has been reached, students will be rewarded.  Please see attached paper for a practice step outline.


There will be 4 recitals through the year to be announced.  All Students are expected to participate, and memorize their recital pieces.  Festival participation is encouraged.  Piano Team Festival and Honors Recital are required.


Every student is expected to have access to a working metronome.  A metronome will help the student learn rhythm, and how to keep a steady beat.  This can be purchased at any music store.  Some solo music and ensemble music will be provided, but there will be music that must be purchased as well.  Some music I will purchase for you and bill to you, other music I may ask you to buy.  All music and 3 ring binder or notebook is expected at each lesson.

Group Lessons

Cello, piano, and voice students will receive group lessons if there are other students their same age and musical ability.  These group lessons will take place on the 4th week of the month, taking the place of individual lessons.  If a student is not involved in group lessons it may be necessary to have a different individual lesson time during the 4th week of the month to accommodate other group lessons. Group lessons are generally 60 minutes in duration. There are no make-ups if a student misses group lessons.

Piano Team

Along with the Well Prepared Pianist Solo Repertoire, piano students are required to play on a piano team.  This team consists of 5 pianists playing at once, on 5 pianos.  Students who play on piano team play with more precise rhythm, more expression, and learn their repertoire more rapidly.  Piano Team lessons will take place once a month during the 4th week, taking place of the private lessons for that week.  All piano teams are required to play at the Piano Team Festival and Honors Recital held each September.  Team members will be notified of the date in advance, and teams will be scheduled as close as possible to special needs.  There is a $20 fee per student for the Piano Team Festival.  None of this fee is kept by me.  It covers cost of judges and other costs associated with the festival.


Parents are expected to be familiar with what I am expecting their child(ren) to do.  Parents can be great motivators, and speed the learning process if they are actively involved with the teaching of their children.  This not only allows both student and parent to know what is expected of them, but it also shows the child support from the parent.  A parent being involved with lessons creates better musicians, and generally students progress more rapidly.  Please read the notebook with the child before they practice each day so that the correct steps are taken to ensure correct learning. 

Please let me know if your child has a special learning need, or if they have learning challenges. Music can help overcome many learning challenges, and knowing their needs will help me customize my teaching to maximize their learning.


I respect the right to terminate any student who does not comply with the guidelines outlined here.  Students who do not commit to practicing, orare repeatedly unprepared for lessons may be asked to reconsider their dedication to their instrument.  It may be necessary to find a new teacher if this behavior continues.

If a student terminates lessons in the middle of the month, the remaining lessons will not be refunded.

 I look forward to a wonderful year teaching your children!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.