Welcome to Ivy's Music Studio!  I hope you enjoy your time here learning more about me, my teaching, and my credentials.  Please take some time to visit the pictures in the Photo Gallery, and the website links to play some fun music games!  If you would like more information about The Well Prepared Pianist or Piano Teams visit www.pianoteams.com. Feel free to email me at ivy@ivysmusicstudio.com.

My Teaching Philosophy
Music is a crucial part of early childhood development.  Research statistics show that students who study music tend to have higher SAT scores.  In the most crucial times of life music can give relief.   Music can build  self esteem and relive negative emotion.  Music is an outlet to people of all ages.  It has the power to cheer up your day and give joy to the player, and the listener.  

From the time I was a very small child, it has always been my dream to be an accomplished pianist.  This dream has changed, and is no longer only to be an accomplished pianist.  I also want to be a teacher and share my joy of music with others.

The best way that I can teach music is to share my passion for it.  I will share this joy at every lesson, and every recital.  Music cannot be taught by passion alone however.  Fundamentals must be taught and continued guidance throughout a child’s studies is imperative. I hold this knowledge, and am able to teach it.  My role as a teacher is not only to teach a person to play the piano, but to teach and foster a love of music, learning and personal growth.